Winter detox & cleanse
My family desperately needs a cleanse.  We haven't done one thoroughly for almost 2 years.  Its time, right?  Some people say we shouldn't and some say we should.  So who's right?  I'm going to tell you why we choose to cleanse and what our experience is.  

So my focus is to clean up the digestive tract, in particularly the excess candida.  Why?  
"All disease begins in the gut ..."  Hippocrates
What EXACTLY can candida cause?

Allergies - food and environmental sensitivities
Cravings - sugar, bread, pasta (carbs) and alcohol
Digestive problems - bloating or pain, gaseous, GERD and heartburn
Endocrine imbalances - thyroid, pancreas, adrenal and fertility related
Fatigue - lethargy and drowsiness
Headaches and migraines
Irritable bowel - chronic constipation or diarrhea
Hypo or hyperthyroidism or other thyroid conditions 
Mood - anxiety, depression, mood swings, irritability and mental disorders
Skin - dry, itchy, rid; acne, eczema, psoriasis, rosacea etc.
Sleep - insomnia, frequently waking up, nightmares, restless sleep, etc
Weight fluctuations - difficulty losing weight (#1 symptom)

This is the VERY SHORT list of symptoms of candida.

So now what?  I know I need to cleanse, but what exactly is a cleanse?  When is the best time to cleanse?  How do I start a cleanse? 
Why internal cleansing is important - TOXINS!
What is a cleanse?  Basically its a deliberate use of programs, products, dietary and lifestyle changes to support the body in the elimination of toxins.

Why is cleansing important?  We live, eat and breathe toxicity every day.  WHAT?  NOT ME!  Think about this as you are growing your organic garden (kudos to you, by the way), the airplanes over head are dumping a plethora of toxins all over our food, EVEN the organic stuff!  So even IF you are doing everything you can, until we live in a toxin free world, we NEED to clean the toxins from our bodies the best way we can.  While it may not be possible to totally eliminate toxins from our  bodies, it is important to lessen it.  

So why cleanse NOW?  We're getting ready for winter and winter is a great time to cleanse.  The body tends to accumulate mucous during the winter, which inevitably leads to illness of all sorts.  By healing and nourishing the body in the winter, you can prevent illness that is all too prevalent in the winter months.  What do you say to being a healthier you this winter?  I'm in!

How do I get started?  What I love about this cleanse is that it meets you where you are at right now.

Beginners Elimination
  • eliminate bad fats
  • upgrade animal products to organically grown and grass fed
  • eliminate processed and refined grains
  • eliminate refined sugars
  • eat more vegi's
  • eat more high fiber food
  • eat less dairy

Intermediate Elimination
  • limit grains to once per day
  • use only gluten free grains
  • eat only low glycemic fruits:  berries, limes, lemons, grapefruits, green apples, avocados
  • go organic
  • eat more greens
  • eliminate white flesh potatoes
  • eliminate pasteurized/homogenized dairy

Advanced Elimination
  • No sugars
  • No starchy vegetables
  • Limited beans
  • No grains
  • No dairy (except kefir)
  • No fruit (except limited berries)
  • No added fats for the first 2-3 weeks

Where are you at right now with your diet?  Choose what elimination level is right for you right now.
Another reason I love THIS cleanse is
  1. It was developed by a holistic health coach of 15 years.
  2. It is detailed - 84 pages of why, what's, how's, charts, lists and more.
  3. 30 days of inspirational e-mails which includes "what to do today."
  4. Group support, which means accountability to stick with it. 
  5. Recipes - I NEED this!  Plus online resources for more recipes.
  6. Supplement schedule suggestions.
  7. $20 for an electronic book and to be part of a 'secret' Facebook Group. 
I'm in ... NOW WHAT?
Contact us here if you are ready to learn more
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